Monday, September 24, 2007

Catching up

Well let me catch everyone up to speed. Friday before i left I had a little party a few good people came over which was cool. My friend Chris BBQ'd I must say he did a pretty good job...he's no me but it was good. So Sat came around and it was all the last goodbye's and spending some time with Lindsey. So we drove to the airport, and Christian I guess sensed what was happening and didn't like it one bit, he screemed and cried, just was really broken up! It really sucked. I left them there and they watched me leave. When I got inside to check-in, I realized that I had forgot my headphones, so I had to call Lindsey and have her come back to bring them to me. I also talked to Mike, Elena, Tyler, Jacob, Mark, and I think Joe was there. They all said there good bye's.

So we get on the plane, and we do the boarding thing, and all. Well what I thought was everyone got on the plane, and I thought we would start Taxing. No not even we waited for at least an hour and a half for two people who I'm only assuming must have never flown after 9/11 untill now. What made it worse was that they just strolled on like we should have waited for them. Absoulty ridiculis! Well because of all that my tickets got changed up. I had a 4 hour layover in San Fransisco which I must say is a nice airport. I will say that United's seating is absoulty horrible in the coach section!! I mean I had no leg room, the guy in front of me had the back of his chair in my stomach the entire flight! The flight from San Fransisco to Chicago was way better. The seat I had must have been an upgrade. Being in Chicago was kinda funny I hadn't been there in so long, and the last time I was there was leaving after boot camp. I went to the USO there to get some snacks and use my computer (free wireless). The USO in O'hare had a nice renovation. I know the last time I was there (going to bootcamp) it was kinda ran down, but now it's really nice 60" plasma, nice seating a few computers...really nice. Walking in the hallway was the only thing that gave me that eerie feeling of bootcamp again. I left there on a large leer jet. I mean it was the smallest plane I've ever been on, it was like one of those executive flights or something, (another upgrade I think). All of the seating was executive, lots of leg room, leather seats, nice plane. We got to Norfolk pretty quick I couldn't get a good look at it pulling in, because it was so late (around 11p). I got off the plane on the tarmac I might add, kinda felt like Hugh Hefner or something. I got in the terminal which was completly empty, my baggage which was there waiting so I didn't have to wait for the carasoul. I had to catch a cab in order to get on base, I was kinda shocked that they didn't provide transportation (by them I mean Naval Station Norfolk). I got checked in pretty quick to a room. It took me no time to set-up and take a shower, call home and iron my clothes for the next morrning. That said it was still 2am when I went to sleep.

Monday -
Well this processing thing has MEPS/Bootcamp written all over it. I mean all the hurry up and wait, the medical screening....everything! I must say with 6 years of the Navy behind me, it's a little stupid that I'm treated like this is bootcamp. They also changed our orders. I'm now going to Ft. Lewis in Washington. I'm also going to Balad Air Force base in Iraq. I will be in Wa for 60 days, and I will still be away for the same amount of time. So the only thing that changed was training, and my ultimate duty station. I got a brief description of the job we will be doing. It is special operations for prisnoners. Well that's pretty much everything. I will now be posting check me out when your not busy.

stay tuned

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The Boldrin Bunch said...


We were so excited to hear that you were going to do your training here!!! Can't wait to see you and spend more time with you.
Great update..........
Love, The Boldrin Bunch