Saturday, September 29, 2007

Off to Washington

Well nothing has been going on these last few days. I know I said I would post but there was really nothing to talk about. I'm all packed up today though, I'm typing this and watching the USC game(go Trojans)!! Well at this time tomorrow I will be in training in WA. They say that we might be starting this training as early as Sun when we get there. I will not have access to the computer like I do here. However I will keep a personal journal of the days events. When I do get to a computer I will be able to recite dates and events so it will be sort of a "catch-up". Well I don' t have a lot to report looking forward to see the other side of my family if time permits, and getting this training over.

stay tuned.


Sherri said...

Hey Kiddo,
Hope you enjoyed your stay in VA and got to see your friends. Talk to you soon in WA.

The Boldrin Bunch said...

Hi Brian,
Hope you were able to meet up with Carmen and Brian while in Virginia.

We're looking forward to seeing you, if time permits! Crossing our fingers..........Aunt Jeri wants to have us all over for dinner one night. She is anxious to meet you.
Love, The Boldrin Bunch

The Boldrin Bunch said...

Hi Brian,
Just heard from Lindsey. She said you are in Washington now, and probably won't be able to get outside of base to visit.
Please let us know if anything changes. Would love to see you!

The Boldrin Bunch

Ova said...

Great work.