Sunday, September 16, 2007

Not again!

Hey all,

Well the last few days not alot has been going on. My mom, and grandma left on Friday (the 14th). That was really hard for mom made me cry on Thursday night, and Friday morning when they left I was so sad or upset, that I threw up after I watched them leave. It was great to have them here. I don't spend enough time with them. It always seems like I'm so far away. I know my mom understands this because when she was my age (well maybe a couple years younger than I am now). She was in the military too, away from her family. It's good to be away, it really lets me be an independent person, lets me put to use all the things she has taught me. I am very thankful for those things, and for being away, as odd as that sounds. Friday night Lindsey and I hung out at the house. We started this show called "Weeds" it's on Cinemax. I don't know what days it comes on, but I definatly recommed if your reading this you find out when it comes on and watch it!

So Sat Lindsey, Christian and I were supposed to go out to Ewa beach and take part in a little BBQ. We didn't make it which kinda sucked, but things were just not going good that day. We had to go to the bank to start a deployment account for me, then we had to go to the commisary to pick up some stuff for Lindsey to bring to the BBQ. Christian didn't get a nap, and he's sick (poor little guy). Lindsey wasn't feeling that great. Needless to say we didn't go, kinda a bummer since we were invited, and it might have been our last chance to hang out with the Sergio's! Maybe during the week. So we sat around here at the house, watched the USC game ( stomping was more like it). Watched some more "Weeds", and had a great dinner made by Lindsey. Later that night we were getting ready to put Christian to bed, when my car alarm went off! I grabbed my bat, and headed outside to see two punk ass kids walking away. My neighbors, were just pulling in, and the people that live in the circle across from us, came toward me and said that the kids were the ones breaking into my car. With the neighbors in tow, I chased the kids to Salt Lake, where they got into their little Civic, and took off. I thought about throwing the bat, but decided agaist it. I got their licencse plate, Lindsey called the cops. When the cops got to the house they were very helpful, when they ran the plate, it turns out that it doesn't match the car. We all assume that they stole the plate, and put on their car so if it got taken down it wouldn't come back to them. This is the third time my Integra has been broken into! They didn't know but there was nothing to steal since I haven't replaced the stereo from the last time someone broke into it right in our driveway!

Well that's been the weekend, we're all just getting ready for me to leave. This is my last week here, come Sat. I'll be on a plane headed for VA. I hope to see Lindsey's cousin Carmen, and her boyfriend Brian when I get there. They live in Deleware, it's a bit of a drive. Brian says that he will come though.

stay tuned

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