Saturday, November 3, 2007

Training at Ft. Lewis

7.62 M240B rounds

Hey guys, well it's been some time since I have posted. I would like to start by saying sorry about that, but due to the poor Internet connection we have in our barracks it's hard to keep a connection. Also our schedule doesn't really permit us a lot of down time. Well to state the obvious I've been pretty busy during my time here in Washington. When we first got here the weather was defiantly Northwesty lots of wind and rain. Now it has just been cold...really cold. I guess I'm just use to that nice warm Hawaii weather. I can only say so much about the training do to the fact that if gives out details about my mission in Iraq which is classified as "Secret".

When we first got here there were about 108 of us, the numbers have dwindled down to 103 now due to 5 people not passing a psych evaluation. Our group has gotten pretty close we are defiantly turning into a unit now. That's really a good thing, because for awhile I wasn't sure if we would ever come together. We have a lot of people (E6's to be exact) that think they know everything about everything. It's pretty ridiculous! I've gotten use to it, and kinda ignore what they say. As I was saying the training has been fun, we did some computer training for a Army system we will be using in Iraq, we have done some combative training, unarmed self defense, and of course weapons, with a few other ones like land navigation, combat life saver, and comms training. Like I said it's been pretty busy. I got to shoot a lot of cool guns so far:

M240B range with AG M203 see the grenade launcher FN303 paintballs

The best part of the training so far I think besides the weapons would be the detainee training we just recently had at a simulated detainee camp. We got to take the camp under our command and the Army brings in people to act like detainees. It was challenging, due to the fact that the people that they hire are told to harass you, and it's pretty bad! You really have to have thick skin in order to not take what they say to heart. I got to be what is called the Compound Section Leader, which is the person that talks to the head detainee inside a certain compound. Here are some pictures from the training:

vehicle search
Tower watch w/ M16
new detainee

I also got to do some medical training while I was there. More or less it was just a quick 4 day class on how to save people on the battle field with common battle injuries, and how to call for a 9 line medevac. Fun class we got to give each other IV's, and nasopharngeals (a tube that goes down your nose into your throat for a airway). Not the best feeling especially when it has so much ky jelly on it, that it's running down the back of your throat. Still a bunch of fun! Here are some pics of me getting a IV!
All in all everything has been going very well I'm learning a lot from the Army, and from the people here with me, it will defiantly be a huge accomplishment in my career when it is all over. The things that I have done, and will be doing are a huge part on the war on terror. With that said I will let you guys go and thanks for sticking with me while I was "away".