Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jet Lagged!!!

Well I want to start by apologizing, I said I would be posting everyday....and yesterday I didn't. I must say I've heard of jet lag and until now had never experienced it. It SUCKS!! So with that said, yesterday really sucked because while being jet lagged, I had to still do my processing. We did a lot of medical stuff...well all medical stuff. It was like boot camp, with the needles, the hearing test, the dental appts. Needless to say it was long drawn out and being that most of my stuff was complete not needed. I did have to get small pox again which I was none to happy about. If anyone doesn't know how the small pox vaccine works. They take this special needle, and they dip it into the vaccinia and prick you with it. For you first vaccination it is only 3 pricks, or if you've had it and it's been more than 10 years you get 15! Well when my mom and I went to Germany some many moons ago, I got it. Well that was more than 10 years ago so I got it 15 times yesterday! Now I get to see if I will react to it, being that in Hawaii I got (the 3 prick type) and nothing happened. Possibly because of a amount of it being stored in my body hence me not having a reaction. So they said that if nothing happens then I would be medically immune and would never have to worry about it again. Lets hope that's the case, because small pox shot sucks, and if it does react my arm is going to be jacked! So later that night, I talked to Lindsey and Christian (they are doing fine). I did some laundry and then I laid down and passed really out! I mean I went to bed at like 720pm and that was all she wrote. I didn't wake up until 815! I was late, didn't go to PT. I wasn't in trouble or anything. My alarm didn't go off, (these BEQ alarms are garbage).

Today wasn't so bad, just some last few medical things, I have to get one more thing done and I should be ready to go. I have some last minute things to try and pick up, but other than that I'm done. I'm hoping to see Brian and Carmen this weekend. We are expected to fly on a military flight from Norfolk to Ft. Lewis on Sunday sometime. So I get to experience more freakin flying, and it's the crappy kind, because I have to be in uniform the whole flight! At least it will be a straight flight, with no lay-0vers...=) Well that's it I'm off to Washington soon hopefully get to see some friends and family when I'm there.
till tomorrow...for real this time

stay tuned


The Boldrin Bunch said...

We're waiting for you Brian!

Sherri said...

Hey Brian, next time when I tell you how the Army works, maybe you'll listen! Told ya you'd go through medical AGAIN! ;)