Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Past few days

Well the last few days had a few exciting events in them. I didn't blog them because I wanted to consolidate them for a nice meaty blog. So Monday my mom, grandma, Christian and I headed to breakfast at Koa pancake house =)! Everyone enjoyed it so that made me feel good. I had to go to work in the morning (0730) I didn't stay long just for a quick quarters and it was back home. Lindsey was at work, so we decided to do a little sight seeing. We had talked about going to North Shore but due to Lindsey working, and possibly wanting a nap, decided against it. So instead we went to see Lindsey at work for a bit. She seemed to enjoy the break in the monotony. After that I took them (mom and grandma) on a narrated tour of the two bases (Hickam AFB, and Pearl Harbor Naval Station/Shipyard). The picture above is of Freedom Tower (you might remember it from Pearl Harbor the movie).

After the base tours, we headed to the BX (Air Force NEX). Mom picked up a few little souvenirs, and grandma looked for a BBQ grill cover. We were still on base when Lindsey got off work so we picked her up. We all went to Taco Bell for a late lunch (man I'm going to miss the food...have I said that yet)? Lindsey took a nap, and we hung out in the house. Later that night we went out to California Pizza Kitchen. I love that little place, they have some of the best specialty pizza's ever. It's so not like anything else out there. I definitely recommend it to anyone that hasn't gone yet. That was pretty much it as far as Monday went.

So today (Tuesday) we had another relaxing day kinda. Lindsey had the day off work but we had somethings to do, before I left that had to be attended to. We also had an important ultrasound to go to at Trippler. Everything is good so far. Christian went with my mom and grandma to Waikiki to meet up with a friend my mom made here when she was here in May. I guess the lady and her husband were originally from So. Cal, and lived near my mom and dad. They just happened to move here to Oahu! So they all went down to Waikiki, Christian made a couple of friends out there, played in the water with my mom a little. He chased some more birds down, just really had a great time from what I hear. They came back around 4pm. We ate diner at Sam Sneads which is the country club restaurant at the Navy/Marine golf course. Really nice place, with pretty good food (you would really hope so for the prices). Diner was good my mom and I did some reminiscing from when I use to be a little bad ass! haha It's so good to be able to talk about those things with her, we really have a great relationship I'm going to miss that old lady (kidding...but I love you mom)! Lindsey isn't feeling so good right now, she said her throat is sore, lets hope it passes quick and she feels better soon.

That's it guys....stay tuned


Sherri said...

Hey Brian, Back home in SoCal. Just catching up on the blog, we really had a great time while we were there. G'ma and I will remember the time we spent with you guys always. Met a Navy mom and dad when we got back at Frizella's where we went for dinner, they send their best wishes for yur next mission. Their daughter is currently stationed in Sicily, but wants to go to Iraq. Keep up the great blog, I will tune in often to see how things are going.

Anonymous said...

Brian ... you will be in our thoughts and prayers as you begin the challenges of your new assignment! We feel proud of you and the work we know you do - take care of yourself and we'll look forward to reading your updates!
With love, Pam and Jerry

Elena said...

We miss you already. Thank you for calling us at the airport to say goodbye. We all had fun on the speaker phone! Lindsey told me about the apecial day you planned for you two on your last day together. What a guy!
Hope you enjoy your care package.
Be safe, talk to you soon.
Love, Mom Boldrin