Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Safe in Kuwait

Hey everyone, well I'm here in Kuwait, man what a flight!! We left from Wa in the middle of the night. We flew east over the U.S. then to Shannon Ireland we were only there for a few minutes so I didn't get any pictures. It was cool that I can say I was kinda there, then from there we went straight to Kuwait. Total time was about 13 hours not to bad. We got here early in the morning, and ate breakfast at the first base we went to, from there we traveled another hour to the base that we stay on for now. The weather has been tolerable, not to hot, not to cold. The tents we stay in have a heater in them so at night when it's really cold we just turn the heat on. We sleep in sleeping bags, on cots. It's ok, I'm safe so that's whats important. I've heard that everything at Lindsey's baby shower went well, thanks to her Aunt Pam, I was able to see some pictures from the shower. I can't tell you guys when I'm leaving Kuwait, and were I'm going because of OPSEC. Once I get there I will let you guys know how everything is and what I can tell you. For those of you that don't have my mailing address you will have to get ahold of Lindsey, or my mom. Well thanks for checking on the blog, talk to you soon.

stay tuned

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

My Squad "Mongoose" after training in Yakima

Hey everyone, well training is pretty much done with. I'm sure you all know that I got to go home for the holiday! It was great lots of time with Lindsey, Christian, and Cheech!! It's crazy you don't realize you miss something so much until you get back to it. I mean don't get me wrong I missed them all everyday, but with training and everything you don't have the time to think about much more than the task at hand. It was great to be home I wish of course that it could have lasted longer, and I could have gotten more done. We did get a few MAJOR things taken care of. I found out that I missed the exam by only 10 points, maybe next time. We got Christian into pre-school. I got to see a sonogram of our new baby that we also found out was a BOY!! Lindsey had a Hawaiian baby shower...which will be followed by the one that she's having with her family and Washington friends. We also got ourselves a new place. Yes that's right we're moving again! With the addition to the family we are allowed to get a 3 bedroom now!

We went into the housing office, and didn't think they would give us a place on site. We went in there trying to just get on the waiting list, and that would have been fine. Lindsey would have had a little more time to get stuff packed and all...the downfall of course would be that Lindsey would also have a 3 month old to add along with in the chaos of moving. Well we went in and didn't have an appointment, but someone didn't show, so they got our paperwork done very quickly, and moved us over to get put on the wait list. Well the girls there must have liked our family because they found us a place were we wanted, and got us a move in date with in 15 min of being there!!!!! Man they were really good. So now Jan 10 2008 Lindsey will be moving to our new place. It's not far from where we're at now, but it's sooo much bigger...right now we have aprox. 949 sq ft. well the new places upstairs is aprox. 946 sq ft....for a total of 1762 sq ft. It's not really allot but with as much stuff as we have it will be better.

With all good news comes bad news as well. I still am going to leave for Iraq. There was talk about some people not going and just finishing the training and coming home. Now I know I'm not one of those people, and I don't think anyone from our battalion is. It looks like it will only be for 9 mos. in country, which in comparison to Army, and Marine Corps isn't bad (they do 15-18mos)!!! I guess I can't complain about that...however I've been in the service long enough to know that nothing is ever set in stone, things seem to get longer before they get shorter, if you catch my drift.

Well I'm going to go, I will attempt to get back on here at least before I leave for Iraq, or maybe sooner. They haven't said anything about if we're done with training yet, and or when we're leaving. I'll do my best, thanks for sticking by the will get better...stay tuned

Lindsey & Christian @ the Aquarium in Waikiki