Sunday, September 9, 2007

Just the start

Hey all, I have decided that blogging is going to be my best means of communicating with everyone while I'm gone. At this point I'm sure that everyone knows that I'm leaving soon to go to the desert! Although I'm not excited about leaving my newly pregnant wife, and having to leave my son for a whole year. I'm started to cope with the fact that I can't really do anything about it. What was once anger and frustration, has turned into anticipation for the inevitable!

So I'm starting this blog thing now it's a couple of weeks before I leave to Norfolk, VA my first stop. I just got my itinerary, which has me leaving on Sep 22 at 9:15pm (as a side note, I will be doing my best to make sure my time is in a standard method not military time...if I should slip up, well you'll figure out the time)! Anyway...I leave Honolulu at 9:15pm and fly for 5 hours to San Fransisco, then have a one hour layover. From there I go to Ohare airport (Chicago) for another one hour layover, from there I will arrive in Norfolk about two hours later! It will be quite the exhausting day...with lots of blog post I'm sure!

While I'm on this blog's funny to me that I'm doing this. I remember when I first got my Myspace page : I said that I will never blog that's so gay! Ha look at me now...but I think these are different circumstances wouldn't you say?

So my parents got here yesterday: 7 September, they got settled in today, we did a little running around. My mom loves Zippy's so we went there for breakfast, and then to the fabric store. My Grandma didn't get a chance to really get around last time she was here, because of her cruise and all. So we went to the NEX and let her get around and check it out. Later in the evening we drove to Miliani to meet with some family friends for diner at Ruby Tuesday's. The food there is so good. I'm going to miss all the great foods the states have to offer! Damn this is going to be hard, I've been eating good (with the exception of being on the ship) and now I'm going to switch to MRE's!

Well I look forward to posting more so please check my blogs when your on the net, keep my family and I in your thoughts.


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