Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back to Work

Well on Monday, I have to go back to work for real. It's been nice having these 30 days off, going to the pool with the kids, hanging out. Now it's back to the grind....these 4-6 hour days are going to be gruesome!! LOL. For those of you keeping up with my SWCC goal, I have been running at least 2 miles every....other day or so. Lindsey has been going with me. I started the packet for my selection so I should get that done by months end....I don't have to take the advancement exam, so I can save the points which is nice. I wish that I could be in school when the test is given, however I think that is wishful thinking. Other than that, I'm just enjoying being home, and with my family....soaking in some of the things you take for granted. I truly forgot how good carpet feels!

stay tuned

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Mom said...

Ahh the feel of carpet under one's feet! Did you stand there and wiggle your toes in the carpet? And tell me about that work schedule, it's a killer! Hope your first day back doesn't kill ya, although it will be hard getting up in the morning...