Tuesday, November 11, 2008

10 on 10 :: Novemeber :: (a day late)

Sorry I'm a day behind, Lindsey was sick yesterday so I didn't have time to post this...however scouts honor they were taken yesterday! enjoi

Start of the day!! Love Work
Government gas = Free wish I could use it!
Shipyard HQ building all the big wigs!
Ship in the drydock I was working on
Polaris Missile from a submarine, by my shop at work
It's been a bit windy here lately with the holiday approaching I thought this was patriotic

I still play video games
Our dancing doggie
Baby Jaws is coming to get the Camera!!
My sick wife....I wish I could take her sickness :(

Well that's it!


Elena said...

Cool pictures Brian! Love the one of Kingston. He is so darn cute!

Pat said...

That was cool seeing where you work and poor sick Lindsey... she's looking much better now.

Jenny said...

i really liked these brian- very patriotic indeed...it seems like a movie set!