Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Ink

Hey everyone, well things around here are well. Work is going well, and the kiddies are GREAT working me out. Today I started my left arm sleeve! I've been waiting on this for a long time so it's great to finally get it started. I had the best tattooist I've ever had, great work ethic, and outstanding artist! If your in Hawaii and thinking about getting a tattoo I defiantly recommend the people (Joe especially) at "Hawaiian Tattoo Company in Honolulu on Kapahulu st.

Lindsey and I are getting ready to start the P90X program. We are both really looking forward to it. It might be more me than Lindsey....however yesterday she said she was really looking forward to starting. I showed her the video last night, and she was excited, so that will be fun for us to do together.

Last week I was having a little problem with my left foot after running. I run about 3 miles everyday. It's not allot and I really should be doing 5 miles a day. So today I decided to go to one of those specialty stores for running shoes, and see what they said about the running shoes I have and what might be causing it. I was running in Nike Free's...a good running shoe however not for long distances. Apparently the shoe is a "barefoot" running style shoe. It's designed for runners who want to strengthen their feet. It's not made for everyday long running. So then they told me that when I run that I pro nate my feet (turn inward). So they fitted me with a shoe for my gait, and running style. I can't wait to run in them tomorrow it's gonna be great I think. I just hope that it will help me run farther.

stay tuned everyone!


Anonymous said...

Wow Brian, that's quite the tat!Very nice job.
Love, Mom Boldrin

Jenny said...

is that tattoo of lindsey?

lindsey said...

i love it!!!

Elena said...

My good friend Laura just got a tat of a flower. They did a beautiful job. I'm thinking about getting another one.