Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's been awhile!!

Hey everyone....well I want to start by saying I'm sorry that I was not able to blog as much as I intended. Things went a little different than I planned. I can't say a whole lot, but I can say that it has changed my life and my appreciation of it! I've had a lot of interaction with death of close aqaitinces, and other people. Again it was not what I was expecting. One of the biggest impacts was what I plan to do with my remaining time in the Navy (I had my 25th birthday, and my 7th Navy birthday while in Iraq) I'm now in the process of becoming a Navy Special Warfare Combatat Crewman (SWCC) for short. This is something that I had a big interaction with while I was away, and something that I wish I would have done a lot earlier in my carrer. However hind sight is 20/20 as they say. While I was away I worked with some of the finest Americans/soilders I've ever met. People who are truly unsung hereos!

I was stationed at a couple places, I started out in Mosul, Iraq. While I was there I worked for 12-14 hours a day flying around and driving around the area of Mosul. I was there until I went on leave which I was able to take just in time to see Kingston be born! That was great I was really freaking that I was really going to miss it. I was greatful that I didn't though. I after my breif leave ( I say this becuase it was not even close to long enough) I returned to Iraq. I decided to change places with hopes of not being so much involved with flying into some pretty scary places.

I left there and I went to Tikrit. Tikrit was alot of fun it was a change of scenary, with some really great people to work with. It was here that I really got work with the best of the best. I was also allowed to really let my hair and my beard go (which against my decision I had to cut both, but that's another story) It was alto of fun there and I really liked the new mission, and the new faces. I finished up our 9 month tour there serving about 5 1/2 months total there I still got to fly every now and then but we did a lot of convoys mostly. I liked riding in the Styker though cause it was like a video game. I got to do some picture taking, but mostly it was on missions, so I can't show them on the internet. Unless they are of nothing you can really make out. Some I can show if you ask.
So right now I'm sittting in Kuwait Int. Airport waiting to go home. I almost witnessed a international incident when an American took a "harmless" picture but a Kuwaitti woman got offended, and had her husband made her call the police. They ended up burning the film and everything is fine now.
Well it really sucks that I can't tell all the juicy details of the deployment but I guess that means you'll have to come visit, or maybe I'll see you and you can ask me about it sometime. Right now it's off to a 14 hour non-stop flight
stay tuned....cause I'm going to keep you updated on how things are back on the island next


Elena said...


You can't even imagine how ecstatic we all are that you are finally coming home to your beautiful family! I can finally take the yellow ribbon off the old oak tree. We had a great time in Hawaii with Lindsey, Christian and Kingston. Memories that will last a lifetime. We missed you tremendously, but you were always in our thoughts and prayers. You were always with us in spirit. Wish we could be there to welcome you home. We miss you and hopefully will see you soon. Love you lots, The Boldrin Bunch~
Mike, Elena, Tyler and Jacob
P.S. Nice hair and beard. :)

Sherri said...

My Darling Son,

I can stop holding my breath now. It was sooo good talking and texting with you this morning. Like Elena, it was great being in Hawaii with Lindsey and the kids, and a joy to see the newest memeber of the family. I can't wait to see all of you later this year, and it will be a wonderful change to be able to talk, and text you regularly. Grandma and Auntie are especially glad to hear that you have returned from the desert with all the fingers and toes I gave you.
I'll talk to you soon. I love you, and I'm always proud of you.


Jenny said...

It all sounds so mysterious....maybe Jeff and I will have to make a trip to Hawaii (if I can get him to board a plane).

Welcome back! I'll look forward to some island blog updates.

Cousin Jenny